… hello? 

hey (: love ur blog and ur posts, im glad you are back!

woooah, thank you anon! ^^ 

i wonder how many of you guys still remember that follow me lmao

from what doujin is this /post/18682209100 ? ;A;

Absolute Territory~ 

i’m just 6 followers away from 900 o__o 

can i make a request? ^^;;

Sure! I’d love to receive some~

I love this blog and your creations! They're really cool, and I wouldn't mind even if they weren't KHR related. You're awesome and I hope that you will be more active! <3

ohmygosh sanfklasnflna THANK YOU SO MUCH ;uu; it means a lot for me knowing that someone likes my work, it gives me motivation to edit more!~ ;u;

i’ll do my best to improve further, thank you again for this lovely message <3

1st  to 10th | Sky guardian

i bet you won't finish the khr alphabet until next year

asdfghjkl how am i supposed to answer that  image

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